House Washing

Here at PWOSH we use a technique called Soft Washing. This is a low-pressure wash that is not strong enough to damage screens, windows, or the integrity of your siding but will still thoroughly clean your home so that it looks new all over again.

Pressure Washing a home is a great alternative to repainting when vegetation and weather/dirt stains become present.

How It’s Done:

When a PWOSH pressure washing agent comes out to clean your home, we begin by wetting it down. We will wet down two sides of the home, apply the cleaning solutions (which give your home a soapy look) and let them sit for a few moments. After the solutions have sat to help break down everything on the outside of your home, we will thoroughly rinse them and move on to repeat the same steps on the other two sides.  If your home has more than four sides we will continue the steps until the entire home has been cleaned.

The cleaning solution PWOSH uses to clean homes is safe for all surrounding vegetation, and cleans well enough on its own that a high pressure is not needed for your home to look brand new!

Driveway/ Sidewalk Cleaning

Concrete is very porous, because of this, a higher pressure is needed to get down into the concrete and clean it.

How It’s Done:

When a PWOSH pressure washing agent comes out to clean your driveway or sidewalk, we will use a buffering machine that does not damage the integrity of the concrete but will clean out any sitting dirt, stains, and small patches of sitting vegetation that does not belong. If you prefer we do not remove any vegetation growing in your concrete we will work around doing so.

Roof Cleaning

Does your roof have black or green stains? If that is the case you might just need a cleaning!

How It’s Done:

When a PWOSH pressure washing agent comes out to clean your roof, we will begin by wetting everything down. We then use a soft wash machine to apply a cleaning solution that will make your roof look completely white. This will help ensure no areas are missed because the color of the solution helps missed areas stand out. Once the roof has been completely covered, we will let the solution sit for a few minutes and then rinse it away to show an immense change in appearance. Past clients have referred to it as “Watching the magic happen!”

Gutter Cleaning

Did you know that clogged gutters can actually cause water damage to your home? Our job when we come out to clean out your gutters is to ensure all clogs and debris pile up is removed and you have cleared out downspouts!